Monday, February 6, 2012

Doug coil machine resources

Warning! See a doctor before subjecting yourself to electromagnetic fields*! 

(*Excluding, of course, the perfectly safe EMF from your house wiring, your cell phone, your television, your computer, your car's engine, florescent bulbs, WiFi hotspots, cell towers, radio and TV stations, military radar, high tension lines, and other approved and highly profitable sources of EMF.)

As it says in my disclaimer, I'm not a doctor. I'm only sharing my personal experiences. In case someone might be crazy enough to try experimenting with a Doug coil machine (or any type of Rife machine) like I've done, I've created a list of some resources I found interesting.

Before an ordinary person, lunatic or otherwise, were to build or buy a coil machine, or experiment with any type of Rife machine, it would seem prudent to do some research. I started with Bryan Rosner's excellent book, Lime Disease and Rife Machines.

When I was wondering what exactly a Doug coil machine is, I found What's a coil machine? to be quite helpful. This is part of a fascinating and meticulously maintained blog by a woman who has been experimenting with a Doug coil machine since January 2011. I also like her unscientific explanation of how a coil machine might kill pathogens. The video of the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridge is particularly graphic. Don't let young children or pets watch it without supervision.

I also loved Bryan Rosner's interview with Doug MacLean, inventor of the Doug coil machine. His story is quite inspiring.

Last but not least, I experienced a sharp stab of malicious joy while watching some spirochetes being stunned into stillness by the EMF generated by a Doug coil machine. If you are reckless enough to watch this video, keep an eye on the corkscrew-shaped microbes. Poor little things.

Doug coil machine manufacturers
  • John Stolar. John builds these machines, and his Free Stuff page tells you how you can build your own. See also his old site. John has cut back on his rate of production, but has trained two others to build machines using the same materials and techniques that he uses. Here's his email:
  • John Montee was trained by John Stolar to build capacitor boxes and coils. He is located in the Pacific Northwest of the US.
  • Terry Fitzsimmons was trained by John Stolar to build capacitor boxes and coils. He is located in northeastern US.
  • Roger Simon is currently selling the capacitor box and coil for $950, same as I paid for mine.
  • Doug Freeman. I had some trouble with my machine, and my supplier was unavailable. I emailed Doug Freeman, who was very helpful. (I've since resolved the problem, which turned out to be a bad audio amplifier. The vendor, Abe's of Maine, replaced it.)
  • Alex Levy is a longtime builder of Doug coil machines.
My machine's total cost was about $1700. That included $950 for the coil and the capacitor array cabinet, which were built by hand by my supplier, plus two off the shelf items, a QSC 1850HD audio amplifier ($520) and an Instek SFG 2004 signal generator ($230) which I bought from retail sources recommended by him. He was able to get me discounted prices and free shipping on those components, which saved me over $100 in total.

Abes of Maine, from whom I bought my QSC amplifier, has since raised the price of the amp to $599.

Output Measurement Design

The coil machines built by Doug Freeman and Alex Levy follow Doug MacLean's original plans, in that they use a voltmeter to measure the output level of the amplifier and capacitor array to the coil.

John Stolar pioneered the use of an ammeter to monitor the output, rather than a voltmeter. To me, this method seems preferable, but then again I'm not an electrical engineer. I believe John Montee, Terry Fitzsimmons, and Roger Simon all use John's design.

Lyme disease and Rife machine information resources
Rife machine frequency lists
Lyme disease and Rife machine forums
Rife and Doug coil machine background

I have read that the FDA considers Rife machines to be dangerous. I agree that they can be. I have been very careful in experimenting with my Doug coil machine, and also with a plasma-type Rife machine.

The way I see it, in some ways a coil machine is analogous to a car. Used properly, a car is a very useful device. It can get us from one point to another very quickly compared to walking or riding a horse. But used improperly, a car- a device weighing a ton or more, capable of traveling at speeds far above that attainable by an unassisted human - can maim or kill.

A Doug coil machine is much the same. The limited and mostly unscientific research available suggests that Doug coil and plasma-type Rife machines can destroy spirochetes and other pathogens in vitro, and many experimenters report improvement in their symptoms after experimenting on themselves in vivo.

But a Doug coil machine contains large capacitors that store a significant amount of energy even after the machine has been turned off. Opening the capacitor cabinet and touching the conductors can result in severe electric shock.

A Doug coil machine also generates a strong electromagnetic field. If this EMF does indeed kill pathogens, then their bodies can release toxins, producing a Jarisch-Herxheimer ("herx") reaction much like that produced by an antibiotic. Too much toxins released too quickly could stress the body's ability to process and excrete these toxins. Killing an overabundance pathogens would not be a good thing if the tradeoff was damage to the liver.

I have been careful to always start with 15 seconds when I begin a new frequency. Even that has been followed by significant herxing. After the herx has passed, I experiment again, increasing by increments of 15 seconds, noting the severity and duration of the herxing, until I've reached my goal of 5 minutes on my abdomen and 2 minutes on each of 14 other points around my body on that particular frequency.

If at any point the herxing is really bad, I don't increase the duration, but instead use the same duration for subsequent experiments until the herxing diminishes, and then try increasing by 15 seconds again.

There are EMF frequencies which are said to be potentially harmful to humans. I am careful to avoid these frequencies, which include 1840 and 1910 Hz.

Also, I take glucomannan capsules. Glucomannan is an herb which is generally sold as a diet aid because it expands in the gut and makes you feel full. But it is also said to be very effective at binding toxins and helping the body excrete them. Others have used Welchol for the same purpose, but I have found glucomannan to work well for me, and it's much cheaper, as well as being nonprescription.

So far I'm not dead yet, so I guess my approach has worked all right.


I am not a doctor or a health care practitioner. This blog describes my own personal experiences and opinions. It is presented for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease. The statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Disclaimer No. 2

I am not a professional humorist. The statements on this blog have not been evaluated by Groucho Marx, Bugs Bunny, or David Sedaris. The whacky statements on this blog may be less whacky than they appear. Or they might be more whacky.


  1. Aeroelastic flutter destroyed the Tacoma Narrows bridge, and most certainly not induced "forced resonance":

    It is nice to think that this Doug Coil thingy is helpful, but firstly it helps the seller of the device, I'm afraid…

  2. Yes, it's true that aerolastic flutter destroyed the bridge, but it's still a vivid tool for illustrating the effects of resonance at an object's resonant frequency. Besides, evidently many physics textbooks have used this event as an illustration of forced resonance. And I didn't have a video of an opera singer busting a wine glass with her piercing soprano voice.

    As to the question of who, if anyone, is being helped by Doug coil machines, did you read the page containing accounts by their users?

    Also, have you considered who is being firstly helped by the sale of costly OTC drugs, surgery, lab tests, diagnostic procedures, and other wildly expensive mainstream medical treatments?

  3. The Doug Coil machine was a last ditch effort to save my husband’s life when Lyme was attacking and killing his heart, and he could no longer tolerate the IV rocephin, after years of oral antibiotics. He was diagnosed with cardiomypathy at the time that was getting worse and was told he had aboyt 6 months left to live. I found John Stolar by the grace of god, and he sent us the machine for free... told us to pay him back later for the cost if parts when we could. 8 years later, my husband no longer has cardiomypathy and is free of Lyme symptoms. His cardiologist called it a miracle when his EF (heart function) rose back to a healthy level. Said he had never seen anything like that happen and couldn’t explain it. For the person who implied the biulders of the machine just do it for a profit, my story is proof of otherwise. John was a retired professor biukding at-cost as a “pay it forward” service to the community. There are goid people out there- John is an Angel we will be forever grateful to him. Will also be forever grateful Doug McClean figured out this way of beating Lyme and shared it. Some may say it was a placebo effect, but we had already tried everything and had lost all hope by that point, so don’t see how it could have been it. Besides, the science makes sense.