Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One Year of Coiling

In a few days I will have been experimenting with my coil machine for a year. Since my last update was in May, almost six months ago, I figure it's time for another.

From May till the end of August I coiled for Lyme every two weeks and coiled for Bartonella every other day. During this time I got sicker and sicker. The Lyme sessions were causing more and more severe herxing (Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions) which lasted longer and longer.

I think this was probably because for the entire time from late January through the end of August I increased the length of each Lyme coiling session by 15 seconds compared to the previous session, so in each session I was killing more and more Borrelia spirochetes. As a result, the toxins from their tiny corpses were evidently accumulating in my body faster than my immune system could get rid of them.

But I was approaching my goal of 5 minutes on Lyme. By August I was very close; I did 4 minutes 30 seconds on August 1, and 4 minutes 45 seconds on August 15. I was very much looking forward to September; I was so eager to reach my goal!

However, those last two weeks of August were brutal; the symptoms included very bad headaches, trembling, fatigue, and pain throughout my body. This was the worst I'd felt in a long time.

Finally on September 1 I decided to give myself a little break, and instead of increasing the length of the session to 5 minutes, I just did 4 minutes 45 seconds again.

This worked; the symptoms for the next couple of weeks were considerably less severe, which was a big relief. But the goal was always to get to 5 minutes on my abdomen, so on Sept 15, I did 5 minutes. The herx was worse than the one from the Sept 1 session, but not nearly as bad as I was having in July and August. I think toxins had been accumulating over time, and that two week break of repeating the same session duration gave my body time to recover, and purge a lot of the toxins that had been building up over the preceding weeks.

Perhaps another reason why August was so bad for me was that this was apparently the peak time for the fall flare-up of Lyme this year. I'm told that every year in the spring and fall, Borrelia which have been hiding in the body in inactive cyst form come out of cyst form and transform into spirochetes. These newly active pathogens cause a flare-up of symptoms.

Plus, if you are coiling for them, you'll be killing off a lot more of the little monsters. Thus the symptoms during this time are much more severe. And I've heard through the grapevine that this year the flare-up was in late August.


In September, after talking with a friend who's been through this process, I decided to stop coiling for Bartonella. I'd been doing 33 minute sessions for Bart every other day since late January, and I didn't seem to be herxing from them any more. My last Bart session was on Sept 29, although I plan to do occasional sessions to check and make sure it hasn't come back.

Taking Stock

Hopefully now I am through most of the worst of the process. The plan is to continue doing Lyme for 5 minutes every two weeks, and also start working up to 2 minutes on each of 14 points around my body - chest, arms, back, legs, hips, etc. I also plan to gradually decrease the intervals between Lyme sessions from the current two weeks to 7 days.

If all goes well, soon I will be at the full 33 minutes on Lyme (5 on the abdomen, plus 2 each on the 14 points) every week. The 2013 spring flare-up should be the last big Lyme hurdle for me, and then I should be able to start tapering down on the sessions at 432 Hz.

Encouragingly, my friend Sue, who has been doing this for several months longer than me, said that doing the additional points on Lyme did not cause noticeable herxing for her. Also, the man who built my coil machine said he has had the same experience. I hope that's true for me too!

Supplemental Health Supports

In mid September I saw Katina Makris, who is a homeopathic practitioner who has recovered from Lyme herself, and has experience with a Rife machine (which is similar in concept to my coil machine but quite different in terms of design specifics and operation).

This was a fantastic appointment. Katina is a great listener, and after hearing my story she made several suggestions for supplements. I am now taking Liver Liquid homeopathic drops from Mountain States Health Products, to help my liver cope with all these toxins, as well as almost 2 grams of magnesium per day to help my digestion. I must say that the latter is working; I'm much more regular than I've been in many years, and I'm sure it is very helpful to get those toxins out of me instead of having them sit around in my colon, seeping back into my system.

Katina also suggested Pure Encapsulations Mitochondria-ATP and Bragg Liquid Amino Acids. Katina said that the Mitochondria-ATP gives her a great deal of energy, and I found that it seems to be improving my energy too. I sometimes have a brief sensation of feeling quite energetic, although I must be careful not to actually consume too much energy because I will abruptly crash.

Another person who has experience using a coil machine to kill Lyme suggested using "green juice" to help detox. This involves using a juicer to turn fresh green vegetables and other produce into juice. I've been using this and it does seem to help alleviate the symptoms from herxing.

All in all, I view these supplements, juices, and homeopathics as excellent support for my body during the grueling process of expunging millions of tiny monsters and the poisons they produce.

Avoiding Vitamin D

I am also being very careful to avoid Vitamin D, both in supplements and in food such as fish and enriched milk and other products.

I decided to do this after reading about the Marshall Protocol, which asserts that in people with Lyme, the Borrelia cause the body to produce far more 1,25-D per gram of Vitamin D consumed than it should and that the resulting excessive 1,25-D serves to suppress the immune system. This immune system suppression is one of of Lyme disease's principle survival mechanisms, and of course it helps other pathogens thrive at the same time.

However, according to the Marshall Protocol, lowering Vitamin D intake to bring 1,25-D back into the normal range allows the immune system to return to an effective level of functioning. In particular the immune system recovers the ability to destroy the cell-wall-deficient form of Borellia, which can't be killed by a coil machine.

Since I recently tested very low in Vitamin D but very high - at the extreme top of the normal range - in 1,25-D, I think it makes sense for me to avoid Vitamin D for now.

However, I am not taking any antibiotics, either herbal or prescription, so I am technically not following the Marshall Protocol.

What's Next?

Although I believe I've killed most of the active Borrelia spirochetes in my body now, I'm far from well. For one thing, I'm fairly sure there are still a lot of inactive Borrelia in cyst form, and that many of these will come out of cyst form next spring. There may be some very bad weeks in store for me in the early part of next year.

I also feel that it's likely that I have Babesia, even though my Igenex results for it in 2009 were negative. Igenex only tests for one or two forms of this, and there are many different kinds. Also, even their sensitive lab often gets false negatives. This is a hard pathogen to test for.

But my symptoms at the time of initial onset strongly resembled those of Babesia, and I still have some of them, so I think it's worth going through the process of coiling for it to see if I herx. I plan to start on a Bart frequency at 10 seconds and progress in increments every two or three days. If I reach 3 minutes without herxing, I'll move on to another pathogen. But if I herx, I will continue increasing until I reach 10 minutes.

I also believe I probably have Mycoplasma Fermentins. If so, this is likely a big factor in my chemical sensitivities. Once I've figured out where I am with Babs, and I'm past the worst of any herxing I have with it, I plan to begin sessions for Mycoplasma.

I've also started using 432 Hz, the same frequency I use for Lyme, on my mouth, to address ongoing problems with gingivitis. I've got several other frequencies to try for oral pathogens as well.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I am doing considerably better than I was a year ago. I'm able to do my own grocery shopping almost every week (although I had to ask for help a few times during very bad times in the past several months). My social life (aside from the Internet) is still virtually nonexistent, but I've been able to have lunch with a friend a couple of times in recent months, and I can usually sit up for several hours during visits from family two or three times a month.

Although I'm still sick, and have some very bad days, I've also had a few days in which for at least part of the day I feel fairly good. I had one notable day in which, for a few hours, I actually experienced what it felt like to be well, which was amazing. It had been so many years since I felt that way that I'd forgotten what it was like!

I've also been able to start taking short walks. I seem to be able to manage a six minute walk every three days or so. Last week I did relatively vigorous walks of 7 and 9 minutes on successive days, but I was extremely fatigued for two days afterwards, so that was evidently too much.

I am sure I still have many months of killing pathogens and feeling awful ahead of me, but I have hope that sometime in the not too distant future, I will be able to resume a more or less normal life.


I am not a doctor or a health care practitioner. This blog describes my own personal experiences and opinions. It is presented for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease. The statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA.


  1. Hi

    I have been researching alternative cancer treatments for quite a while and I somehow landed on your blog.

    If you've got Herx problems you could try Coffe enemas - this is fundamental part of Gerson protocol and it boosts your liver detox activity substantially.

    Another free thing I found recently, that does the same (besides killing cancer cells) is dandelion root substance.

    Look them up on internet and good luck,

    P.S. see my comment here:

  2. Please continue with the updates on your status!

    I hope you are recovering. My wife was recently diagnosed with Lyme and is having mobility and speech issues.

    Exact same Herx reactions to 3 different classes of antibiotics, and none of those reactions are listed side effects.