Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One Year of Coiling

In a few days I will have been experimenting with my coil machine for a year. Since my last update was in May, almost six months ago, I figure it's time for another.

From May till the end of August I coiled for Lyme every two weeks and coiled for Bartonella every other day. During this time I got sicker and sicker. The Lyme sessions were causing more and more severe herxing (Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions) which lasted longer and longer.

I think this was probably because for the entire time from late January through the end of August I increased the length of each Lyme coiling session by 15 seconds compared to the previous session, so in each session I was killing more and more Borrelia spirochetes. As a result, the toxins from their tiny corpses were evidently accumulating in my body faster than my immune system could get rid of them.

Can Oscillating Magnetic Fields Really Kill Microorganisms? Let's Ask the FDA...

I found some recent discussions with two authorities on Lyme to be quite stimulating, and after the second such discussion I went looking for an article I'd read somewhere about a study the FDA had done which showed that microorganisms can be killed by oscillating electromagnetic fields similar to those generated by my coil machine.

After all, if the FDA has found that this technology can kill microorganisms in food, doesn't it make sense that it can also kill microorganisms - such as Lyme spirochetes - in people? Doesn't this question deserve further study?