Friday, February 5, 2010

Cause of Death

CFS patients who died of cancer, heart failure, or suicide had much shorter lifespans than the general population, according to a 2004 study:

Average age of cancer deaths:
  • ME/CFS – 47.8 years
  • Avg population – 72.0 years
  • Difference – 24.2 years

Average age of heart failure deaths:
  • ME/CFS – 58.7 years
  • Avg population – 83.1 years
  • Difference – 24.4 years

Average age of suicide deaths:
  • ME/CFS – 39.5 years
  • Avg population – 48.0 years
  • Difference – 8.5 years

The dramatic results of this preliminary study begs the question: why hasn't more research been done in this area?

Imagine the impact on the potential funding for research into ME/CFIDS/XMRV if a more comprehensive study produced the same results - and got the kind of coverage in the media that the WPI XMRV study did.

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  1. The statistics beg the question: Since the NIH/CDC are aware of CFIDS shortened life spans, then why have they not bothered to get the funding needed to stop these horribly early deaths? Do they WANT us to die off quickly and just go away? Why? What are they hiding that keeps them from finding out what causes CFIDS. Maybe they already KNOW what causes CFIDS but do not want the public to know.

    None of this makes sense unless you look to the Federal healthh organizations as possible associates in covering something "bad" up. Did the Federal government labs create a virus (retrovirus) that was used against its own population? Did the US labs accidently unleash a virus and had to keep it covered? Why so little funding for something so terribly disabling and deadly? We need serious Congressional investigation into these WHYS.