Friday, February 25, 2011

Dr. Deckoff and the new WPI clinic

Dr. Jamie Deckoff-Jones is now working for the Whittemore Peterson Institute, hiring staff for their new clinic, which will be treating neuro-immune diseases, including CFS/ME, Lyme, and autism - and feeding what they learn back to the WPI's research center.

The institute also plans internet discussions and face-to-face conferences with practitioners all over the world. This connection between research and a large and well-coordinated body of clinical experience has been missing in the world of neuro-immune disorders, and, as Dr. Deckoff explains, could lead to crucial breakthoughs in understanding and treating these diseases.

Cort Johnson of Phoenix Rising interviews Dr. Deckoff here:

The Patient Side: WPI Clinical Director Dr. Deckoff-Jones Talks

The fact that the WPI plans to treat Lyme patients supports my belief that Lyme disease, like CFS/ME, is actually caused by XMRV or a related retrovirus, which impairs the immune system in such a way that Lyme and/or other tick-borne pathogens as well as herpes viruses such as Epstein-Barr (mono), CMV, and HHV-6 can thrive. This seems to be the operating theory at WPI as well.

The WPI is at the forefront of research on these illnesses. While much of the medical community and the government-run and -funded research bodies have their heads in the sand, the people at WPI are fired up and working hard to understand the underlying causes and mechanisms of these diseases and find effective treatments.

Right now, these people are my best and only hope for one day being able to have a life again.

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